Do you want to improve your behind with no hassle or stress, no surgery, and no exercise? Then you need to get yourself some padded panties. These panties will provide you with prompt results. You will become shapely and curvy just by putting on these padded panties.

The padded panties have been in vogue for some time now although a lot of people still don’t know about them, and the best thing about them is that -against popular belief- padded panties are for both sexes, male and female.

Some of you might have even heard about the padded butt underwear but are yet to try it while some are looking forward to giving it a shot but are not certain on what to look for before they make their first purchase. The good thing is you came across this article. In this article, you’ll know what to look out for, you’ll know what is good and what is not, in short, you’ll find out everything you need to so that when you finally purchase your own padded panties, your purchase won’t be of poor quality making you look and feel like your panties were stuffed with a box of tissues.

As said earlier, padded panties are for both men and women, so in this article, we are going to consider padded panties for both sexes. First off, we start with the ladies:


Padded Panty

 Ladies, a lot of you are familiar with padded bras but don’t know what padded panties are. Padded panties are a kind of newer concept, though the logic behind padded bras and panties is the same. These padded underwear are designed to instantly boost the size of your butt without much stress.

Boobs and butt are, and will always be considered as a powerful sign of the female side, therefore a lot of women look for ways to make the appearance of both better so that their overall attractiveness can be boosted. And the good thing is, it works. Having a nice set of breast or a curvy behind will definitely get you noticed.

If as a woman, you are looking to attract more attention and envious stares from males, then one sure way to do that is by boosting your butt.

butt pads

Unfortunately, not all of us are endowed with a nicely filled out rack, so our only option is to look for some kind of enhancement technique (or leave our behind to remain flat and do nothing about it).

One enhancement technique that is quite popular, though costly and risky, is the surgical enhancement. And since it’s very risky, not talking about the cost, not everyone can get involved. Another enhancement technique is a natural way, which can be done via lotions, exercises, pills and what not, but the thing is, you’ll need to invest a lot of time, energy and of course, money into these things before you can actually see a little bit of result.

Given all the factors above, the best and most suitable option to enhancing your backside and boobs is turning to enhancement clothing. Padded panties and bras are relatively cheap, compared to other cosmetic products which are very expensive and might not even produce results at the end of the day. Padded underwear is reusable, you get solid results, the products are easy to get online, and the results are instantaneous.

Now you can see why as a woman, you need to consider using padded underwear if you want a bigger butt, or maybe you just want the shape of your butt to become more rounded, even and curvy.


butt lifter panties

 If you are convinced you to need these butt enhancement option and you are ready to make your first purchase, then knowing the kind of products out there is something you need to consider. As a first time buyer, purchasing the right one for your booty can be quite confusing if you don’t know the type that will fit you.

Padded panties can be categorized into two main categories although they can be broken up into three and they are

  • Panties with built in pads – Main
  • Panties with removable pads – Main
  • Hip and butt pads (these are separate from the underwear)

So, how do you know the one that will fit your booty? The two main categories will both provide great results, but still, you need to take a look at the cons and pros of each category before you decide on the one you want to go for. We’ll start with

booty pads


booty panties

 This category of panties is the simple version that requires no fussing. You don’t need to mess around with the removable pockets and pads. The foam padding is, like the name, built into the panty by either molding or stitching, which means it’s not going to move around, it will be stuck in a position.


  • The positioning pads are stuck in place, so you won’t need to worry about changing or positioning the pads.
  • You’ll be confident of putting on the panties because you are sure the pads won’t move or shift.
  • All you need to do is grab your panties and put them on. There’s no need for any kind of adjustment on your part. Wear them on the go.


  • Since the padding is stuck in a position, depending on the style, the feeling of having it on might not be realistic as to having on panties with removable pads which you can adjust to fit the natural movement of your body.
  • Hand washing is the only washing choice you have since the padding can’t be removed.
  • These types are all foam padded, there’s no silicone option available. Silicone is often preferred because of the fact that it looks and feels more realistic.
    butt enhancing underwear


butt lifting panty

 This category of padded panties come with “pockets” purposely designed to keep separate butt inserts in place. The pockets are sewn into the panties in such a way that you can put on the panties with or without the butt pad inserts.

For this category of padded panties, you’ll need a ‘set’ which contains two separate items; a pair of butt pads designed to be inserted in the other item, which is a pair of panties with pockets for the pads. A lot of people prefer this category due to the flexibility of this underwear.


  • It is versatile since it can be worn with or without the paddings.
  • You can add different types of butt-boost, that is, you can use different butt-pads, or mix pads to give your booty the kind of look you want it to have.
  • It is economical as you can use a pair of butt pads with different panties, so you actually don’t need to buy a lot of padded panties sets.
  • You get a realistic look and feel since the butt pads are separate for each butt cheek, which means they are independent of each other, following the natural movement course of your body.


  • There’s always the need to take out the paddings before washing which means you’ll need to set it up if you are to put on the panties next time with the pads.
  • They might have an odd look because of the pockets sewn to the sides. Kindly note that some butt pads may be shaped to fit a specific panty pocket.
  • If the product you purchase is an inferior product, then there’s a possibility of the butt padding moving around in the pockets. There are higher quality brands like Bubbles Body wear, Eozy, Bafully, and Rago Heavenly shape wear that offer better products.
    butt lifting underwear


silicone butt pads

 These are mostly made from either silicone or foam, and can be made to be worn with pocket panties, or in some certain cases, without the need of a specialist underwear. There are also ‘sticky’ pads which have an adhesive that can be used to stick the pads to any clothing, making them versatile. The adhesive is reusable.

Butt pads come in different shapes and sizes. They are often quoted for the type or amount of ‘boost’ they are expected to deliver. They can range from 1/2″ to 3″ of boost; this is also the thickness of the pad. Make sure when you are buying pads, you consider the boost or thickness so as to achieve the kind of result you hope to achieve.


You need to know the different styles of padded panties available on the market. Obviously, there are no G-string versions as there will be no space for the paddings, but still, that doesn’t mean all of these padded panties look embarrassing, chunky or medieval. If you choose the right product, you can still retain your feminine side.

The many styles of padded panties include;

  • High waist/high rise
  • Bikini cut
  • Seamless
  • Low-Cut
  • Mid-thigh
  • Boxer/boyleg

The style you choose depends on your personal preference, but you still need to pay attention to the kind of clothing you are about to wear on your padded panties. There are styles which are skimpier and very close to a bikini cut. These types can be worn on low-rise jeans. There are also some products that are called ‘invisible’. These are for people who want to put on something that is invisible under seamless clothing.

That about sums it up for women, now to the men.

best butt lifter


mens padded underwear

Padded panties aren’t for women alone. They are for anyone and everyone who wants to get a butt lift and enhance the look of their butts. Padded underwear for men might be difficult to find in physical stores but they are available online which makes them easy to surf through without feeling embarrassed.


  • Maybe you don’t know but women tend to love a guy with a cute butt. So as a man, you need to make sure your backside is popped if you want an extra bit of attention.
  • No matter the sex, male or female, having a nice butt gives you a nice body shape. Contrary to popular belief, as a man, there’s no embarrassment in wanting to have a nice figure. Padded panties for men could help you in realizing this structure you so deserve. Unlike female padded panties that might seem obvious, men’s padded underwear doesn’t suffer from the same problem. As a man, you can put on your shapewear and it won’t be overly obvious that you are putting on a padded pant instead of a normal underwear.
  • It makes you comfortable. If you are that type of person that gets a painful butt for sitting too long on a hard surface, having a padded pant on could help you sort out this problem. The padding sitting in your underwear will cushion your butt easily and conveniently from feeling sore in situations like this. You can even put it on if you ride horses too so as to prevent saddle butt.

    butt enhancer underwear


butt underwear

There are a lot of padded panties options available for men, and different panties have slightly different purposes. Here are the main types of men’s padded panties you’ll come across;

  • Butt Lifter Shorts – Usually comes with no padding but they are designed to give your butt that extra lift you require.
  • Padded Front – Gives your groin area an extra lift, making the bulge have a good measure.
  • Padded Butt – For guys with a flat butt. These will add extra inches to your butt.
  • Waist Slimmer – Might make your backside look better since it’s going to make your waist appear slimmer and smaller.
  • Package Separator – This one is designed to put a boundary between your legs and your “package” so there’s no need for you adjusting things down there constantly.

In this article, our main focus will be on the Padded Butt Underwear, which has front padding as an option most times. Just like the female padded panties, the male’s version of the butt-padded underwear also comes in two main types -built-in pads panties and removable pads panties- and they have the same pros and cons just like the female version. But they also have butt pads with customizable boosts.

butt panty


butt pads

With the removable padding option, you have the chance to choose the size of your butt pads to cater to how much extra boost you want on your behind. When you are buying from a good vendor, you’ll be offered different sizes and types of pads so as to determine the one sufficient for your butt. The level of thickness for the pads will be between 1/4″ to 3″.

Now, you need to know that there are also different types of butt padding available for men -foam and silicone. The latter is a bit expensive than the foam pad but it offers a more realistic feel should anyone try to grab or slap your butt.


Padded panties for men is basically in the form of trunks and briefs. Generally, you won’t find anything that resembles loose fitting boxer short equipped with padding, since the padding is supposed to sit close to your butt so it doesn’t look odd or move around much


This is one problem a lot of men are facing. Unlike padded panties for women which you can see in physical retail stores and online, padded panties for men are mostly found on intimate online apparel stores. Surf through these online stores and you’ll be able to find the one that best suits you.

butt panties


Given the fact that most padded panties for men and women are found online, selecting a product without physically seeing it can be something hard to do. Below are a few things you should look out for when you want to purchase your own set or pairs of padded panties. Note that these factors apply to both males and females.

Without further ado, here we go;

  • Detailed Pictures – Make sure you check out the photograph very well. Zoom the pictures in, check them up-close to see how the underwear looks, preferably the ones on a model. This will make you see how realistic the products is, and save you from purchasing a product that will make you feel like you are having a pair of socks on your butt.
  • Visible Padding – Make sure the product you are about to buy is a good quality product like products from Bubbles Bodywear. Make sure the product has good sizing that has padding which will enhance your but while remaining invisible.
  • Sizing Charts – Make sure you study the sizing charts very well so you can pick your correct size. If the store you want to buy from has no sizing chart, send an email to the store owner for inquiries. If the customer support is ambiguous or unresponsive, drop the store as that is denoting an inferior company.
  • Returns Policy – Make sure to take note of the return policy of whoever you are purchasing from, especially if it’s online. Returning underwear items has got some restrictions due to hygiene and health considerations. But depending on the company, you might be able to return the item if it’s unsoiled or unworn. If you are buying from a physical store, a good vendor will allow you to try the padded panties on your own underwear to see if it fits. Just make sure to check out the return policy no matter what.
  • ReviewsCheck out the reviews on the product you wish to buy. Going through how other people feel about the product will enable you to know how the product looks and feel before buying it. If a product has no review or too many negative reviews, kindly skip it.

Below are some brands you can confidently buy from

For men – Bubbles Bodywear, Fresh Pair, and Feel Foxy.

For women – Bubbles Bodywear, Elegant, Everbellus, Rago Heavenly Shapewear and Eozy.

Note that these brands are not the only ones offering awesome products. Follow the rules above and you are going to see more brands that offer really awesome padded panties.